In Home Newborn Session Prep

November 11, 2021 Welcome Newborn

How to prep your home for your newborn session:

  • SPACE- We do not need a ton of space, anywhere with about 10 feet of open space if beyond fine. I will have a lot of props and gear with me so choosing your most open space would be best, preferably somewhere with natural light. I usually suggest the nursery or living room. I always appreciate if people send me pictures of the space ahead of time so I can see what I am working with!
  • DO NOT CLEAN FOR ME - I repeat, do not worry about cleaning for me. You just had a baby. I'm not there to judge your home, I'm there to capture your newborn. I am doing a service for you. Do not think you need to clean for me.
  • PUMP THE HEAT - Newborns are used to being inside the human body, therefore they're used to very warm spaces. Sessions require a lot of fiddling and changing and just genuinely annoying the baby and keeping them comfortable and safe is at the top of the list. Therefore I suggest setting your heat in your home HIGH for a few hours before the session. I usually suggest about 70-72 degrees.

How to prep the newborn for your session:

  • If possibly try to keep your little one awake for as much of the hour before I arrive as you can; sometimes bath time is great for this!
  • Try to hold off on feeding until I arrive, which gives us about 30 minutes (while I set up) for a feeding right before the session so theyre full and sleepy
  • Have them in easily removed, loose clothing when I arrive. Tight onesies and clothes can leave marks on their skin and can be uncomfortable to remove, swaddling or having them in a loss outfit makes changing easier.
  • Have supplies we may need during the session handy: pacifiers, diapers, wipes, a bottle if you're formula feeding or pumping.
  • Have any props you'd like included ready for me to see when I arrive so I can plan sets accordingly and avoid interruptions during the session

Session Outline:

With Siblings

  • Set Up (30 minutes)
  • Family Photos (15 minutes)
  • Sibling Photos (15 minutes)
  • Individual Newborn (2-3.5 hours)

First Child/No Siblings In Photos

  • Set Up (30 minutes)
  • Individual Newborn (2-3.5 hours)
  • Family Photos (15 minutes)

During Individual Photos

Parents are welcome to use the time I am taking photos as they would like, they need to be on call of course but if you need to get yourself ready for individual photos, take a shower, feed your toddler lunch, take a nap, EAT, make yourself a cup of coffee - feel free to!

I have been around newborns literally since I was 5 years old. I'm a nanny, a teacher and babysit regularly. You can relax, you'll appreciate the time!