Painless Family Photos

October 10, 2022 Guides, Family

Ever wonder how other families get natural smiles?

Feel like your kids always look like evil clowns in their photos and worry that family photos will go the same way? Rest assured, it's not school photos!

Here are a few tips to help alleviate the stress of photo day!

  • Book a session that works with your kids schedule!
  • I can't even tell you how many times a session has been a bit rough and the parent says "they're just tired" or "it's naptime" - do you feel cheerful when you're supposed to be asleep or have been at work all day and jsut wanna be on your couch binging Netflix? NO! Talk to me, if the available sessions are not working with your schedule lets work together to find a time that will work - I'm very flexible and will make it work!
  • #1, most important tip - BE COMFORTABLE:
  • Yes, we all want to be the family that looks like they're straight out of a Lands End catalogue, but if you make your kid wear a brand new pair of uncomfortable shoes they've never worn before, that's going to distract them the whole time. Same goes for you - taking pictures in the woods, maybe skip the heels! And if you really want them, remember that ten minutes in you might hate yourself and no one else is even going to notice your footwear if your whole family exudes happiness!
  • Let me take the lead:
  • Of course, you know your kids more than anyone, but sometimes parents voices and stress can make kids freeze up. I know you want to make sure your kid is easy and compliant but trust me, I know kids - I'm a special education teacher - and I know how to make them giggle! Please fill me in if there's anything that you know will make them genuinely laugh, but also trust that I have some tricks up my sleeve. Focus on being a good example and listening to my prompt.
  • Speaking of prompts, be prepared to have some fun!
  • I'm a "sit, freeze, smile, CHEESE" photographer. If that's what your looking for I might not be the photographer for you - and that 's okay! But if you're looking for your family to look like they love each other and are having a good time, be prepared to be a bit silly. You might get called out for having the smelliest feet in the fmaily, your kids might go home asking for poop pizza for dinner, but ya know what, the session will go by so much faster if you participate in the fun too! Be prepared to be silly - maybe to whisper to your husband or wife in a silly character voice or to play freeze tag in heals! We are going to have a blast!