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Pineo Varney Family - New Hampshire Special Needs Photography

September 07, 2016  •  2 Comments

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of heading up to Concord, NH to photograph this amazing crew.

Jenn, a parent and administrator at Adam's Camp New England, has 2 beautiful children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The oldest is Logan, a hysterical 10 year old boy with the most amazing tshirts and facial expressions ever and the youngest is MJ, a gorgeous 7 year old girl with the most sassy attitude ever. They make a very interesting pair!

Jenn herself is a gorgeous diva with more style, and more jewelry, than anyone I have ever known. Jenn's amazing parents were also there. Her dad, Roger, is so playful and funny and her mom, Gail, is so incredibly sweet - the kids clearly adore them both! 

As a crew, they have seriously become one of my favorite families ever, there's so much love there.  

Part of what we decided to do with this session was glitter... loads of glitter. Part of Logan's ASD is that he is a very visual stimmer, he finds various lights and textures within lights soothing. Glitter was a huge hit for him, he loved watching it fall and emptied 4 jars of it all over his porch (they weren't too happy with me) ! His mom also got in on the glitter play, wings included! And Logan,  MJ had taken some space away from us but joined us in the last little bit for some glitter play as well! 





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