Nicole Curran Photography | What have I been up to?!?!?

What have I been up to?!?!?

December 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hello All!!!!!

I just wanted to pop in an update you all on what's been going on with me and Nicole Curran Photography the last month or so! I have been pretty MIA on the blog and Facebook page and want you all to know why!

I've been investing a lot of my time this month in working on some personal and academic projects and building up my event photography end of my business a bit. After a super busy few months with family sessions this fall and a lot of newborn sessions in summer and spring I really wanted to get some more work in the event end of things to keep myself balanced. I did photos for the Chabad house in Cambridge, a huge center for Jewish Life in the university scene in Boston. I also photographed "Breakfast at the Cottage" in Wellesley sponsored by the WONDERFUL Wellesley Bank! 

It's been so much fun working with different types of lighting and events and overall getting to try new things! Definitely contact me if you have any events coming up you'd like covered! I'm happy to try anything and am getting really good at it!

Also this semester I took a really cool class at the School at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was an awesome opportunity to work on my post production skills and try some new interesting things I hadn't had the opportunity to try before! 


Stay tuned for more exciting info as we get closer to the new year! 

This is a few composites from my final project for my final class!!!  

NCP2015-4784.jpgNCP2015-4784.jpg NCP2015-4745.jpgNCP2015-4745.jpg NCP2015-4764.jpgNCP2015-4764.jpg NCP2015-4922.jpgNCP2015-4922.jpg NCP2015-4917.jpgNCP2015-4917.jpg   NCP2015-5093.jpgNCP2015-5093.jpg NCP2015-5138.jpgNCP2015-5138.jpg

NCP2015-5220.jpgNCP2015-5220.jpg   NCP2015-.jpgNCP2015-.jpg NCP2015-5305.jpgNCP2015-5305.jpg NCP2015-5324.jpgNCP2015-5324.jpg NCP2015-5343.jpgNCP2015-5343.jpg   NCP2015-5351.jpgNCP2015-5351.jpg

NCP2015-4298.jpgNCP2015-4298.jpg NCP2015-4320.jpgNCP2015-4320.jpg NCP2015-4393.jpgNCP2015-4393.jpg NCP2015-4413.jpgNCP2015-4413.jpg   NCP2015-4467.jpgNCP2015-4467.jpg

NCP2015-4033.jpgNCP2015-4033.jpg NCP2015-4034.jpgNCP2015-4034.jpg NCP2015-4035.jpgNCP2015-4035.jpg


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