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Kailey's Bat Mitzvah - August 26, 2017 Kailey's Bat Mitzvah - August 26, 2017

This was my first traditional Bat Mitzvah to photograph and I absolutely loved it! As tweens are my favorite age group to photograph anyways this was like the best! I was able to photograph with traditional beautiful formals but also have a ton of fun with a great group of kids. The DJ was able to get all of them to play tons of cool games and he brought awesome prizes that even the grown ups enjoyed! 

Favorite event to date! 

The DJ was amazing, Kailey was beautiful, her family was fun and the venue was exceptional! 

View Kailey's Gallery Here!

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Surprise Sale Hello all! 

I have a biggggg surprise for you this weekend! 

I decided to celebrate summer with you and reopen all expired client galleries for the whole weekend! 

No matter when your session was you can find it unlocked on the gallery!! 

For this weekend ONLY

You can use this amazing opportunity to order any prints or digitals at a discount of 25%!

Use code 25JULY at checkout


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Weddings At Nicole Curran Photography

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Joy Ellen - Boston Newborn Photography This tiny little lady is gorgeous and Joy Ellen is clearly going to bring so much love and joy to her lovely parents! 

You can view Joy's whole gallery here! 

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Breakfast At Brinley's - Boston Cake Smash Session I had so much fun doing this awesome in home cake smash with Brinley and her awesome momma this past week.  All props were provided by her momma, as they'll be used for her fabulous party next week. 

Working with Brinley and Rose was so easy and I'm so happy with the end results! I cannot wait to work with them again!

This is one loved little girl. 



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Cameron is ONE!!!! It seems absolutely insane to me that this little guy is one! I did his newborn photos when he was 7 days old... how does time fly so fast!

Thank you so much Meegan and Ryan for including me on this journey with you and cannot wait to watch this gorgeous boy grow into a wonderful young man!



View His Gallery Here

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7th Annual “Women Amongst Us” Tea For the third year - I have had the honor of photographing the “Women Amongst Us” Tea hosted by This was their 7th annual event and for the third time I was blown away by the crowd, the energy and the excitement to celebrate and honor Women's History Month and this year's wonderful honorees-

Nora Baston

Deputy Superintendent - Boston Police Department

Julie Burros

Chief of Arts and Culture - City of Boston

Sue Marsh

Executive Director - Rosie's Place

This event, which until 3 years ago I didn't know existed, has become my favorite event of the entire year (next to perhaps Adam's Camp) and is something I know I'll be looking forward to for years to come. Theres absolutely nothing better than being in a room full of inspiring and strong women honoring other inspiring and strong women! 

Thank you for organizing this amazing event and allowing me to be a part of it! 


You can visit the whole gallery here! 

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Charlotte Stephen Maloney - February 7th, 2017 ~ Boston Newborn Photography So excited to welcome Baby Charley into the Maloney and Nicole Curran Photography families! 

I first met Katie and Kerri when I photographed their beautiful daughter Leena at 3 months old! Amazing to watch their family grow! 


Welcome Charley!

You are so loved my dear! 


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Newborn Photography - The What Why and How - Boston Newborn Photography Hello Everyone!

Lately I've had a lot of questions about newborn photography and I thought it might be an interesting topic to blog out, so people could get their questions answered in one place and I could shed some light on why I think newborn photos are so vital!

The What

Newborn photos are photos taken in the newborn stage of infanthood - generally within the first month - and are meant to capture the innocence and littleness of these new lives. These photos, unlike those with older babies and children are not of forced smiles and rather than spending my hours with them jumping upside down and making goofy faces I spend my hours with newborns trying to coax them to sleep. 

With newborn photos I am always looking to do one thing, draw on their tiny features. 


The How

One thing people constantly as is how newborn photographers are able to get such cute poses and photos of them. That's a multifaceted answer. Newborn photos are about 10% photography, 50% planning and 40% luck. 

Here's how I've come up with that breakdown.


I have gotten to the point with my photography where I know what I'm doing. I know my plan and how I like to set up. So it's pretty much the simple end of it. As long as I have prepped my bag well, charged all my batteries, restocked batteries, checked my lightbulbs and make sure I bring all my equipment I'm set on this end. 


This is the most important part of the sessions. Here's why - if you try to manipulate a wide awake newborn in a cold loud room with no preplanning - your photos are going to suck. No matter what. No matter how good you are at composition or lighting or photoshop. 

Here's how I plan my session - from day 1. 

When I first get a newborn photography booking I request a $50 deposit and contract with questionnaire. This  questionnaire asks everything from the babies gender and due date to the colors of the nursery and themes parents would like in photos. This helps me in planning the session out and gathering props to make it perfect!

I schedule in the *week* that the newborn is due and I wait. Parent's are given the direction to contact me as soon as the baby is born and I generally try to plan an official session between 4-7 days old. 

The days before the session I send out a "dos and don'ts" list for parents to follow at home before the session. 

For example -

Please turn the heat up in the brightest and emptiest room in your house.

Hold off on feeding baby until less than an hour before the shoot. 

Avoid tight clothing or diapers the morning of the shoot, as they can leave red marks on babies skin that can be difficult to remove

This session is scheduled for 4 hours, generally about 10am-2pm and I do all my newborn photography in clients homes. I spend about 30 minutes setting up 2-3 sets and props and like to be able to plan out the order of sessions what I want them to look like. 

As we approach the start of the session I usually ask that baby be fed, which helps them settle down for the session - i I usually expect to stop multiple times during the session but filling baby up before we try to soothe them to sleep usually helps. 

I will turn on soothing white noise and a small space heater I bring with me and usually can get baby straight to sleep.

If there are sibling and parent photos happening I always attempt to do these right at the beginning of the session. The less people involved later in the sessions the better!

The way I do my sessions, I do a revolving posing style, using each pose and set up with multiple props and texture pieces to give us lots of options without moving baby too much. 


These are tiny newborn humans we are talking about. So sometimes we just have to hope for luck and choose to love the outcome. I've had babies who hate having their photos taken and scream the whole time and newborns who literally slept the whole session, let me pose them and never even peeped. 

It all depends on the baby. But no matter what I have never had an unhappy newborn client. It's your newborn. You'll love it no matter what. 

Which brings me to WHY.


The Why

So many people have asked me why I love doing newborn photos. Why I think they're important. Why I don't mind getting puked and pooped on for hours for just a few photos. Why I take pictures of all their tiny features and really try to accentuate their littleness. And there is a pretty direct reason. It's not money. Or that I get paid to snuggle babies. 

It's because it's fleeting.

Their littleness won't seem so little in a month. 

Their tiny fingers won't be so tiny. 

Their smiles won't seem as magical. 

Their toes won't be so delicious. 

They are precious. And their tininess is only momentary. 

And I want to help you remember that. 

I want you to smile when you remember how long that perfect shot took to get. 

And laugh when you think about how much your little one hated that pose. 

And remember when their 15 and calling you a jerk, that for one fleeting moment their were tiny, quiet and perfect (or at least that's how you'll remember them). 


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Ciulla Party of 4!!! - Boston Wedding Photography On a snowy Saturday in January I got to watch Jess and Charlie turn their relationship into a family! 

It was amazing and I cannot wait to see what turns their lives take in the future! 

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So I think some of my more regular clients and followers have finally noticed that I haven't been as active in the past few weeks as I have been in the past. I feel like I have kind of fallen off the wagon in terms of communicating with my clients and keeping everyone updated on what's going on with me! 

So, on New Years Day I was on a cruise in the Carribean with my best friend Leah. We had won a cruise on our last trip and decided a New Years Eve cruise would be a blast! I had a great time the first night... until.... I spilled a full cup of mango margarita.... onto my computer. 

So that was a bummer, and ended up being a huge expense, but in the end I had a great time!

But the computer being out of order for a bit did put a halt on the beginning of the year blog that I had planned, where I'd announce all sort of new mini sessions and offer $100 discounts on all my upcoming sessions.

The following few weeks were insane and all my ideas are starting to come together into a cohesive plan for year!


So here is my rough plan!

  • I want to start to build community partnerships -  swapping photography for services and space I need to help build my network up
  • Reignite my senior photo work, it kind of flopped this year and I'm desperate to build it back up because I love working with seniors!
  • Try really hard to get some boudoir work off the ground - like seniors, I love working with boudoir clients - there's something amazing to be said for balancing my childrens' work with more adult content. I don't really want to get stuck in just one medium. 
  • I want to try out some new creative styles - I am currently designing and planning "painterly" fairy images for little girls and will be doing some cool superhero styles and possibly Star Wars as well!

How is your 2017 going so far? Are you planning on getting any photos done this year?!?! Let me know now for a chance to 


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Jason is ONE!!! How did this happen?

A year ago I had the amazing privilege of doing Jason's newborn photos - but Jason, unlike the other newborns I'd worked with in the past, was nearly a month old for his newborn shoot. You see, his parent's had tried for years to adopt - and they had finally gotten their miracle baby home. 

Over the past year I have watched through social media as this beautiful boy has grown his place in their hearts and I think cannot think of two more beautiful or loving parents for him to grow up with! 

I cannot wait to watch this beautiful baby turn into the handsome, loved and amazing boy and young man that I'm sure he'll be -surrounded by the best! 


Here's his - very funny - cake smash! 



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Amy - Blue Hills Vocational Tech Class of 2016 Senior PhotosAmy was my very first Senior model of my 2016 class!

We met at my lovely HMUA Ariana's home studio in West Roxbury and hung out while Ari worked her magic for an hour. We spent the time chatting about life and high school and reminiscing while getting to know each other and after she was all beautified we headed to Nantasket Beach. 

We had decided the a beach session would be perfect for Amy way before our session, because it was how she thought of herself and felt like it would be the perfect location. When the day came in early fall it was the perfect day for it! Warm, Sunny but not crazy busy because the summer heat was gone. 

Our session was a blast and we did lots of different posing and locations along the beach and I am so happy with how her photos came out!


Now Booking Senior Sessions for the 2016-2017 Season!

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Declan is ONE!!!!! - MA Child Photography My handsome, hilarious and gorgeous cousin Declan turned 1 on August 22nd!

We celebrated with a beautiful outdoor shoot in their gorgeous backyard in Millville with his parents and adorable dog Josie!


See all his photos in he's gallery here!





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Pineo Varney Family - New Hampshire Special Needs Photography A few weeks back I had the pleasure of heading up to Concord, NH to photograph this amazing crew.

Jenn, a parent and administrator at Adam's Camp New England, has 2 beautiful children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The oldest is Logan, a hysterical 10 year old boy with the most amazing tshirts and facial expressions ever and the youngest is MJ, a gorgeous 7 year old girl with the most sassy attitude ever. They make a very interesting pair!

Jenn herself is a gorgeous diva with more style, and more jewelry, than anyone I have ever known. Jenn's amazing parents were also there. Her dad, Roger, is so playful and funny and her mom, Gail, is so incredibly sweet - the kids clearly adore them both! 

As a crew, they have seriously become one of my favorite families ever, there's so much love there.  

Part of what we decided to do with this session was glitter... loads of glitter. Part of Logan's ASD is that he is a very visual stimmer, he finds various lights and textures within lights soothing. Glitter was a huge hit for him, he loved watching it fall and emptied 4 jars of it all over his porch (they weren't too happy with me) ! His mom also got in on the glitter play, wings included! And Logan,  MJ had taken some space away from us but joined us in the last little bit for some glitter play as well! 




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Elijah's 4th Birthday! I met Elijah and his beautiful family last year when they won a contest. I love repeat clients! They're my favorite.

That session was very interesting.... Lets just say a child ended up in a pond... in his jeans and sneakers!

Elijah was nearly 3 and his little sister Adeline was only 3 months old. Now Elijah is FOUR! He was so much fun to hang out with and I loved how much he's matured and changed since that first session! He was such a great listener and had so much to say! 

Cannot wait to see how much he grows and changes this year!




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Jackie and Eric Jackie and Eric had a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Polish American Club! From the moment I met Jackie I knew I would love being her photographer, she was calm, comfortable and just wanted to have a fun time at her wedding, my perfect bride. 

There wedding was perfect, that wonderful mix of emotional, fun, calm and loud that makes a wedding memorable! I know all of their guest had just as wonderful a time as I did!



You can see their photos, select your favorites and order prints here!


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Adam's Camp Loon Mountain 2016

Another amazing week of Adam's Camp is over. I'm sitting at home on my couch, missing Loon, looking at all the photos I took, thinking about how much I love the program and how I'm going to survive 11 months without these amazing people in my life.  I never thought I'd find a group of people that I so immediately loved and attached to, that I trusted, as I have in the Adam's Camp family. 

It's so weird to think that a little over a year ago I had no clue that this amazing program existed. I reached out in search of a summer job while the family I nanny for traveled. The amazing Adrienne responded and explained the camp and that didn't have a budget for photography and instead I found so much more than a job. It's not a job, it's a family. And now I just can't think of my life without it. It's been the most eye opening and inspiring experience of my life. Getting to know each and every kid and staff member, watching the love within these families is so awe inspiring. 

You can see the whole gallery of nearly 1,200 images here!

And find out more about Adam's Camp New England here!

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The Spellman Family - Adam's Camp - Nantucket 20 Once again I have to make the claim that this is possibly my favorite family ever! Which isn't fair because I love every family I have photographed in the past year! 

This family in particular holds a special place in my heart! Their two teenage children, 16 and 19 years old, are campers at Adam's Camp New England and I got to spend a week getting to know and  work with them and getting loads of love and snuggles - and getting to know their beautiful family! 

This spur of the moment shoot was amazing, took 20 minutes at a beautiful private beach in Nantucket and ended up with the most beautiful natural airy photos I've had the pleasure of capturing! 


You can see their whole gallery here!



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